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Ache (Axe)! Caribbean American Cultural Tradition at the Lincoln Center

Ache: “Lavagem da Rua” (Cleansing of the Street) event was part of  NY Lincoln Center out of the Doors.

This project, presented in association with the Caribbean Cultural Center African Diaspora Institute, brought to the stage, artists and dancers as Tatau (former lead singer of Araketu), Alexandre Cortes de Barros, a section of “Baianas”, members of the “Afoxe de Filhas de Gandhy”, drummers from Brazil, “Something Positive” from Trinidad, “Legacy Circle” from the Dominican Republic, “Ashe Dance” from Haiti, Amma McKen, and “Grupo Oriefun” from Cuba Sunday.

It happened on August 2, 2015 at 7:00 pm , ouside Lincoln Center,  at the Damrosch Park; everybody danced… Continue reading Ache (Axe)! Caribbean American Cultural Tradition at the Lincoln Center

Roosevelt Island Day!

Once again is Summer in New York City, and it’s Roosevelt Island Day!  

Promoted by RIOC and many resident’s associations Roosevelt Island Day is a tradition that came to stay in our community.DSC_0681 copy

The activities were most focused in small children;  volunteers workers maintained the place in movement,working all time.

DSC_0772 copy

Enjoy the photos, if you see yourself or your kid here, send me a request (is free)in the comment window below;  just  by follow me to support my work.   



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“Paper Cuts”, show at Gallery Gaia, Brooklyn

Gallery Gaia, which opened its doors in June 2013, held this singular show from May 03 until this Sunday, June 1, 2014.

Nancy Cohen, Fran Kornfeld , Ursula Clark and Junia Flavia d’Affonseca

The five artists participant, Nancy Cohen, Fran Kornfeld , Ursula Clark  and Junia Flavia d’Affonseca (above) and Sylvia Schwartz (not shown), share a common bond; they have all done work in handmade paper at Dieu Donné(*) at some point in their careers.

Their backgrounds and artistic disciplines are highly diverse, but in each case, personal experimentation and development led to a distinct interpretation of this ageless medium, and expanding its possibilities.

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Walking at Central Park During the Winter

Central Park, New York City.

At the heart of Manhattan, its lung and playground, place for loving and for crying, for long and relaxing walks or for run from the bikes…for a photographer, it’s a playground of illusions, where I go again and again , and never felt bored or at the end of my creativity.

Endless possibilities, Central Park is the “plaza” where artists – not only photographers, but writers, painters, singers, music players, performers and so many more – can easily put to work their imagination…

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